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Subject: Returning a complete XRDS in proxy resolution

I have been playing with the openxri 1.0.0 proxy code and noticed that when I request a full XRDS document back, the first XRD inside does NOT correlate to the GCS character (e.g. "@"), but rather to the first subsegment after the GCS. In an earlier draft of our specs, we explicitly addressed this issue and the only sensical thing to do was to include the XRD for the GCS authority (but only when doing proxy resolution - this is one of the main differences with lookahead/recursive resolution).
The openxri proxy seems NOT to return an XRD for the GCS authority and this seems broken to me. I can't find in the resolution text where this is spelled out so I understand why it was implemented this way. However, I think an XRDS returned from proxy resolution MUST include the GCS authority XRD so a client knows exactly which GCS authority is the root (even if not doing trusted resolution). I'm assuming this is a fairly trivial change to the openxri proxy code.
I strongly suggest we add this language explicilty in 7.6 (in addition to referring to the requirements of 4.2) for when a client is using XRI proxy resolvers. In addition, I think we should add this requirement for section 6 (trusted resolution). While a client doing trusted resolution verification already has to know about roots it trusts (and therefore can do correlation with the root authority and the first non-root-authority XRD), I think explicitness and parallelism to the non-trusted mode are important.

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