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Subject: XRI Res 2.0 CD02 - Acknowledgements

XRI TC Members and Observers:


The TC is preparing the final editors draft (ED08) of XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11, which will then go to a Committee Draft vote. In preparation for this, Appendix A: Acknowledgements, has been updated as follows below.


In keeping with OASIS process, ff any spec contributor or TC member does NOT want their name listed, please email the list or let myself or any of the editors (Gabe Wachob, Les Chasen, Wil Tan, or Steve Churchill) know.






The editors would like to thank the following current and former members of the OASIS XRI TC for their particular contributions to the current and previous versions of this specification:

  • William Barnhill, Booz Allen and Hamilton
  • Dave McAlpin, Epok
  • Chetan Sabnis, Epok
  • Peter Davis, Neustar
  • Victor Grey, PlaNetwork
  • Mike Lindelsee, Visa International
  • Markus Sabadello, XDI.org
  • John Bradley
  • Kermit Snelson

The editors would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the other members of the OASIS XRI Technical Committee, whose other voting members at the time of publication were:

  • Geoffrey Strongin, Advanced Micro Devices
  • Ajay Madhok, AmSoft Systems
  • Dr. XiaoDong Lee, China Internet Network Information
  • Nat Sakimura, Nomura Research
  • Owen Davis, PlaNetwork
  • Fen Labalme, PlaNetwork
  • Marty Schleiff, The Boeing Company
  • Dave Wentker, Visa International
  • Paul Trevithick

The editors also would like to acknowledge the following people for their contributions to previous versions of OASIS XRI specifications (affiliations listed for OASIS members):

Marc Le Maitre, Cordance Corporation; Thomas Bikeev, EAN International; Krishna Sankar, Cisco; Winston Bumpus, Dell; Joseph Moeller, EDS; Steve Green, Epok; Lance Hood, Jerry Kindall, Adarbad Master, Davis McPherson, Chetan Sabnis, and Loren West, Epok; Phillipe LeBlanc, Jim Schreckengast, and Xavier Serret, Gemplus; John McGarvey, IBM; Reva Modi, Infosys; Krishnan Rajagopalan, Novell; Masaki Nishitani, Tomonori Seki, and Tetsu Watanabe, Nomura Research Institute; James Bryce Clark, OASIS; Marc Stephenson, TSO; Mike Mealling, Verisign; Rajeev Maria, Terence Spielman, and John Veizades, Visa International; Lark Allen and Michael Willett, Wave Systems; Matthew Dovey; Eamonn Neylon; Mary Nishikawa; Lars Marius Garshol; Norman Paskin; Bernard Vatant.


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