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Subject: Re: [xri] Yapi + oAuth = XPP ?

Hi Markus,

Victor and I decided to use oAuth for YAPI about eighteen hours ago.
Once again, great minds are thinking alike! :-)

Basically, YAPI is a RESTful API based on XDI's RDF data model. The
barx distribution will soon contain a new application, barx-authority,
which stores XRDS internally as RDF.

We're not finished yet, but you're welcome to have a look at what's
currently on the laboratory table. barx-authority, like any authority
resolution service, serves up XRDS:


but is implemented as an XDI service, meaning that the XRDS is stored
internally as RDF triples and therefore may be serialized also as X3:


or as standard RDF/XML:


The latter two formats make it clear that each XRDS node has its own
XRI, allowing the entire graph to be modified using the four REST
verbs. For example, to delete the priority attribute from the first
service element, one would simply send an HTTP DELETE request to:


I'm currently working on handling authentication and authorization for
such actions using XDI link contracts and oAuth.

Hope this helps!


On 11/8/07, Markus Sabadello <markus.sabadello@xdi.org> wrote:
> Today I woke up and had this thought:
> Yapi is Kermit's and Victor's attempt to specify an API for making
> changes to XRI authority resolution servers.
> XPP is Andy's attempt to specify a protocol for applications to make
> changes to XRDSes with their users' approval.
> oAuth is the new, fashionable way of giving applications access to
> APIs with their users' approval.
> Therefore, if you take Yapi (with some specific binding) and make it
> accessible via oAuth, then you'd have XPP, no?
> Markus
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