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Subject: Re: [xri] Reminder: Special XRI TC Telecon Monday 2 June 2008 10AM Pacific

FWIW, I'd like to propose a few steps moving forward to address the  
concerns expressed during the Ballot Process:

- Collect and collate all voting feedback
- Collect and collate all related blog posts
- Organize a response editing team with the goal of producing new  
spec front matter addressing concerns
- Engage directly the decenting voters for feedback as we iterate  
over the new front matter, to ensure _their_ concerns are met
- With refined language, begin TAG discussions for further refinement.

We've always struggled with explaining XRI to folks.  This is our  
chance to really get the message well documented.  Once done, I want  
to float the new 'WHY XRI and not HTTP URIs' section to a wide  
audience for feedback, and to test whether or not they see the value  
proposition after reading the section.


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