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Subject: Minutes: Special XRI TC Telecon Monday 2 June 2008 10AM Pacific

Following are the minutes of the special XRI TC telecon held at:

	Monday 2 June 2008, 10AM PT


Jamie Clark, OASIS 
Mary McRae, OASIS
Jeff Hodges
Gabe Wachob 
Drummond Reed
Nika Jones
Markus Sabadello
Peter Davis 
Kermit Snelson
John Bradley
Bill Barnhill 
Les Chasen
Giovanni Bartolomeo
Nat Sakimura 
Fen LaBalme


The purpose of the meeting was to debrief on the OASIS Standard vote that
ended Saturday night; there was no prepared agenda.

Jamie Clark said we are likely to learn more in the next few days and weeks
and suggested the TC wait a few days to take in this information. He noted
that the XRI TC may resubmit the XRI 2.0 specifications for another vote
whenever we feel it is appropriate.

He also said OASIS will be preparing a statement about the vote and will be
coordinating that with the TC.

TC members had several technical questions about the voting process itself

* Drummond brought up the limitation of the Kavi voting system that it does
not allow comments to be viewed by non-OASIS members. Jamie and Mary
explained that this is not a reflection of OASIS policy, but a limitation in
Kavi that must be fixed.

* John Bradley brought up that the voting form currently lists a total for
abstentions, leading potential voters to believe abstaining is an option.
Jamie explained that OASIS changed policy with regard to abstaining from a
vote - it used to be an option but that was changed several years ago. This
is another item that should be fixed in Kavi.

* It was also pointed out that while the voter roster may be downloaded, the
download file does not include email addresses. This caused a great deal of
extra effort for the XRI TC members working to "get out the vote".

# DRUMMOND to send Scott McGrath about this limitation.

The final part of the discussion involved next steps for moving forward.

* There was a consensus that we should engage with W3C, but after a short
cooling-off period. We also need to see what their reaction is.

* Drummond noted that he made a personal blog post
(http://www.equalsdrummond.name/?p=130) recapping the vote and personally
supporting opening a dialog with the W3C TAG.

* John shared the view that normative changes to the specs may not required,
however it remains to be determined how fast we want to proceed with a
subsequent vote; what new work we want to accomplish in that time frame; and
what documents we want/need to produce for what audiences before having that

Jamie will attend at leat a portion of the TC's next telecon to further
discuss OASIS's public statements regarding the vote and next steps with the

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