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Subject: Posted page with XDI metagraph predicate examples

Per my action item from both the XRI and XDI TCs, I have posted a page with a substantial portion of the proposed content for the first XDI 1.0 spec, the XDI RDF Graph Model.




Besides preparing this content for the first Working Draft (to be assembled after our editor’s telecon next week with Mary McRae), the main goal was to document the XDI metagraph predicates and XDI addressing rules to help XRI TC members who wanted to better understand the XDI requirements for XRI 3.0 syntax.


I spent 2.5 hours going over this last night with Nick Nicholas, whose analysis and insights into the model have been very helpful in clarifying and illustrating some of the key concepts.


For the XDI TC’s part, reviewing this page will be the main topic of our telecon tomorrow.


For the XRI TC’s part, the next step is to use this input to complete analysis of the two main XRI 3.0 syntax proposals:





We’ll discuss setting up a special telecon for this on the XRI TC telecon tomorrow.


Agendas for tomorrow’s telecons coming out next.



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