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Subject: RE: [xri] Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-07-16

Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote on 2009-07-28:
>>> obvious authority section). This means if we create a new element, we
>>> need to explicitly set the trust profile to apply only to certain
>>> values of the match attribute... not pretty.
>> I'm lost...you start by arguing in favor of using Subject, but the
>> last statement implies to me that you'd prefer a separate element.
> Really?? The last statement says that if we use a separate element it will
> make the spec ugly...

It says "if we create a new element, we'll have a match attribute", which is
backwards to my mind. It was the case of not having a new element where I
saw a match attribute, which indeed will require text elsewhere to make work
(because the Subject is no longer a URI).

-- Scott

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