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Subject: Minutes: XRI TC Telecon 2-3PM PT Thursday 2009-08-13

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XRI TC at:

Date:  Thursday, 13 August 2009 USA
Time:  2:00PM - 3:00PM Pacific Time (21:00-22:00 UTC)


Will Norris
Eran Hammer
Scott Cantor
John Bradley



Scott asked whether we intended to define more explicit rules for the  
subject matching of linked XRDs.  Will said that this was being left  
for the trust profiles.  Eran added that the core spec should define  
only what a <Subject> means, but not necessarily what the consuming  
application should do with it.  Matching the subject to anything  
should be left for trust profiles.  Scott recommended adding some  
language similar to what was added for KeyInfo today.

Scott questioned whether there was any concern with all the wildcards  
in the schema.  He received push back on this very thing in SAML.   
Will said that there hadn't been any concern about this, but this was  
likely the kind of feedback that would likely come during the public  
review period.

Will asked if Scott would be willing to look over the XSD schema.   
Scott agreed to, but also noted that the OASIS rules have very  
recently changed regarding "artifacts".  For example, if we include a  
stand-alone schema file in addition to including schema snippets in  
the spec document, then the stand-alone file is automatically  
authoritative over the snippets in the spec document.  Will asked what  
kind of effect this new rule may have if we include both an RELAX and  
XSD schema file.  Eran and Scott agreed that as long as we  
specifically declare one as authoritative (in the event of conflict)  
we should probably be okay.  Will noted that regardless of whether an  
XSD is packaged as part of the final spec or not, deployers are going  
to need it, so it makes sense to go ahead and make sure we have it.   
We can figure out the packaging of it later on.

Scott asked about the mime-type registration for "application/xrd 
+xml", since he had some minor issues with this for SAML.  Eran is  
going to follow up on that once we have a committee draft published.


Representation of Subject sets was discussed a bit on the call last  
week and followed up on the mailing list.  Is this matter closed?



Nothing new.  LRDD is still currently held up by the committee draft  
of XRD.


Same time next week.  Drummond will not be in attendance next week  
either, but that should hopefully be the last time.


  - Scott is going to recommend language for the Conformance section  
to Will
  - Scott is going to look over the XSD schema and check for quality.   
He will either checkin any changes directly to SVN, or send them to Will
  - Eran is going do a much more thorough editorial review of the spec  
this weekend and submit changes

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