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Subject: Demoting 'priority' requirement

I would like to change the use of the 'priority' attribute from 'should' to 'may' as in:

"When these elements appear more than once within the same parent, XRD publishers *MAY* use the priority attribute to prioritize selection of these element instances."

The 'priority' attribute is the one thing about XRD I hear the most complaints about. While it is an important and powerful feature, I am not sure what value is gained by making it a 'should'. The sentence above also fails to point that multiple Links with different Rel values have no use of priority if the Rel values do not repeat across links. Changing it to 'may' solves that.

I would also like to see the following text drop altogether:

"Instead of omitting the attribute, however, it is recommended to follow the standard practice in DNS and set the priority value to 10. When a publisher wishes to indicate a very low priority, it is recommended to use a large finite value (100 or higher) rather than omitting the attribute."

It doesn't add any value since publishers have all the tools needed with the existence of the optional attribute to express their preferences. Recommending defaults does not help and only produces XRDs that are more complex than necessary.


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