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Subject: Re: [xri] XRI subject matching

Remind me again why the dns: scheme URI for the host meta XRD was  

We aren't limiting the URI schemes to http:.

I don't think match is needed for XRI resolution.   The trust profile  
is different from the HTTP one using SSL certs.

There is a separate question of how XRI proxy resolvers represent XRI  
as the subject and subsequently how that maps to the SSL trust model.

A proxy server is probably going to have to resign to make that work so.
http://xri.net/=willnorris  will be signed by xri.net  etc

I have a hard time seeing clients using the proxy supporting anything  
else by default.

Clients that support XRI should use that trust model.

John B.

On 24-Aug-09, at 5:17 PM, Will Norris wrote:

> There has been a bit of discussion on the thread list XRD Subjects,  
> most around the ongoing problem of what to do for host-meta  
> documents.  To date, host-meta has been the only use-case for the  
> match attribute on Subject, but I wanted to remind everyone of  
> another -- XRI matching.  Drummond and John were supposed to talk  
> about this a bit offline, so I'll let them respond with what they've  
> come up with, but very preliminary discussions I had with Drummond  
> indicated that the match attribute would be very useful for XRI  
> matching.  I'll be the first to admit I don't fully grok XRI syntax,  
> much less the latest 3.0 draft, so someone can explain more if  
> necessary.  All I do know however, is that the following two URIs  
> represent the same "=willnorris" XRI:
>  http://xri.net/=willnorris
>  http://xri.fullxri.com/=willnorris
> There is no way to know that these should be considered equivalent  
> without some special processing rules.  They are certainly not  
> equivalent strings, and a "beginswith" comparison doesn't work  
> either.  This means that XRI Resolution 3.0 will need to define a  
> new value for the match attribute that means, "This thing is an  
> XRI.  Compare it against other URIs using the following rules...".   
> If we drop the match attribute in favor of something like <Host> for  
> host-meta, then we're leaving XRI resolution out in the cold.  While  
> I believe that "beginswith" Subject matching for host-meta is the  
> worst possible solution (except of course for all the others), I  
> want to make sure folks remember that we do have at least one other  
> use case to keep in mind.
> -will
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