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Subject: Re: [xri] Some questions: URITemplate

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Breno de Medeiros <breno@google.com> wrote:
Sorry, but the Googlers finally got together to do some fine-print
reading of the XRI spec.

I will start several threads on separate topics. The subject of this
topic is "URITemplate"


1. Do we need URITemplate support in XRD, or could this be a host-meta

To explain a little more where we're coming from here:

If I perform discovery on http://foo.com/bar, but for whatever reason first have to fetch foo.com's host-meta-XRD (perhaps because I'm following an LRDD-like discovery flow), then the following makes sense:

It means that the meta-data for http://foo.com/bar is available at http://foo.com/xrd?uri=http://foo.com/bar.

If, however, I am already looking at the XRD for a certain resource (like http://foo.com/bar), wouldn't we simply say:


What sense would it possibly make to have a URITemplate in such an XRD? What URI am I supposed to apply to such a URITemplate? It can't be http://foo.com/bar, because I'm already staring at the XRD for that resource, so there is no need to resolve it any further. Ar there other use cases (other than host-meta) that need URITemplate?


2. If we need URITemplate, do we need extensible vocabularies? (That
is what the spec calls for).
3. Do we need to specify the processing order for URI vs. URITemplate?
Presumably the discovery is for either the subject or some other
resource related to the subject, but not both. Should not this be a
client prerrogative?


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