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Subject: RE: [xri] XRD and JSON

> As Joseph mentioned in his email to the xri-comment list, Google is
> wanting a JSON representation for XRD, at least initially for use with
> XAuth[1].  He and I came up with something last week that is actually
> pretty decent.  The next question though is, is this anything that this
> TC cares to address?  If so, what form would it take?  An appendix to
> the existing spec, a separate specification, something else?  If the TC
> is not interested, then Google will probably just publish something
> separately, but I wanted to check here first.

I found a transform that's lossless in converting between typical XML and
JSON that strikes me as a hell of a lot more effective than constantly
reinventing the wheel on every XML grammar.

> (Of course signing is a big problem for any JSON document, but that's a
> separate issue altogether)

My initial impressions were that the transform to JSON and back is
potentially signature-safe, which was impressive.

-- Scott

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