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Subject: Re: Carmelo's Post on Gathering Discretionary Implementation Issues

Tony has a great summary of the items we need for each identifiable
discretionary provision in the spec. I've already remarked about the
"XSLT Recommendation section reference" item. Here's one that we
should review:

>A question, for use with the eventual "rendition control instance",
>that can be answered either yes, signal the error, or no, perform
>the alternate behaviour.

Are we sure that all the discretionary items are boolean? There may
also be other things we could express as questions, where the ease of
answering the question would be beneficial for acceptance of this
work. To take one of the current items of discussion as an example:
if we ask the vendor/implementor to describe their naming scheme
for generated namespace prefixes, that helps in predicting the exact
output that would be correct *for that processor* on a test case that
has generated namespace prefixes.
.................David Marston

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