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Subject: Re: Which file should be the basis for pointing into XSLT?

At 00/08/31 10:24 -0700, Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
>The normative location of the recommendation, AFAIK, is http://w3.org/TR/xslt

Yes, but the file at that location indicates the location of the XML ... it 
isn't hidden from the user who navigates to that location.  I agree it 
doesn't distinguish between the two, but given the HTML is produced from 
some source that the source would be normative.

This was my strong feeling for XML Conformance and the output document in 
HTML only refers to itself as a rendition of the normative XML source.

>When you get there, what you see is the HTML version.  I would assume this
>is the normative location, not the xml source, so that's where you should 
>I am not sure it should point at a different version (i.e. one you cook 
>for this
>group's purposes)....but if it does, it should be character by character 
>(in the user's view) to the one located at w3.org.

I agree it has to be as close to identical as possible, but we may need to 
tweak things in order to meet requirements.  We certainly won't pass off 
any rendition we create as being any more normative than the W3C rendition 
... it will be labelled such that the user knows they aren't dealing with 
the W3C document.

................. Ken

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