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Subject: Proposed designation of OASIS pointer type 2

The special versions of the specs that grace the Committee's Web pages
are a showcase of a detailed text-citation mechanism. The fragment IDs
are the base, and an "OASISptr1" in the test catalog looks like this:

In looking at the Catalog of Discretion, we have a similar mechanism,
but it contains a full URL:

I'm working on a better blend of the Catalog of Discretion and the
test catalog, and I now find it necessary to cite the second type of
document pointer. I'd like to call that "OASISptr2" for "OASIS Pointer
Type 2" - any objections?

If we do our jobs well, future W3C specs will have fragment IDs or
other markers that lead directly to testable statements, and we won't have
to devise mechanism like these.
.................David Marston

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