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Subject: August 5, 2010, 1:00pm ET Proposed Agenda for the XSPA Conference Call

Proposed Agenda

XSPA Conference Call

Friday, August 5, 2010, 1:00pm ET

Dial in info: +1 800 767 1750

Access code 97728 [i.e. XSPA T(C)]


1. Roll Call & Agenda Review


2. Approval of the revised Minutes of July 23, 2010



3. General Announcements

Jane Harnad stated the annual Identity Management Conference will be held this September at the World Bank HQ in Washington, DC.  Jane asked if someone in the TC might be willing to present at the conference. 


4. Review of updates made to the XSPA Profile of WS-Trust

Duane has posted an update the meets the comments from the last TC review: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xspa/email/archives/201008/msg00002.html


We will walk through the profile to ensure all comments have been considered and gather any additional updates from the TC.


After we approve the changes suggested by Duane in the current Committee Draft we have the option of voting the draft to Committee Specification (CS) if there are no substantive changes introduced.  “Substantive Change” is:


a change to a specification that would require a compliant application or implementation to be modified or rewritten in order to remain compliant.  


I propose that the addition of the diagram and text to the draft do not constitute a substantive change.  That means we are free to vote our updated committee draft to CS, which requires a Special Majority Vote.


The “Governing the OASIS Technical Committee Process” document states: 


Simultaneously with the approval of a Committee Specification or at a later date, and after three Statements of Use have been presented to the TC, a TC may resolve by Special Majority Vote to submit the Committee Specification to the Membership of OASIS for consideration as an OASIS Standard.


The word “simultaneous” means to me that we can vote now to move the CS, if passed, to a vote as an OASIS Standard contingent on the receipt of three Statements of Use. 


Note a "Special Majority Vote" is a TC vote in which at least 2/3 (two thirds) of the Voting Members vote "yes" and no more than 1/4 (one fourth) of the Voting Members vote "no". […] All Special Majority Votes must be conducted via electronic ballot by the OASIS TC Administrator.


5. Proposal to Join IDTrust Member Section

Anil has sent an e-mail to the TC lists describing the pros and cons of joining the IDTrust Member Section:



6. General discussion


Please submit any additional suggestions to the agenda to the list.




David Staggs, JD, CISSP (SAIC)
Veterans Health Administration
Chief Health Informatics Office
Standards and Interoperability
Office: 858 433 1473

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