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Subject: Minutes of July 23, 2010 XSPA Conference Call

Minutes, XSPA Conference Call

Friday, July 23, 2010, 1:00pm ET

Dial in info: +1 800 767 1750

Access code 97728 [i.e. XSPA T(C)]


1. Roll Call & Agenda Review

Voting members:

  John Moehrke, GE Healthcare

  Michael Dufel, Jericho Systems Corporation

  Anil Saldhana, Red Hat

  John (Mike) Davis, Veterans Health Administration

  Duane DeCouteau, Veterans Health Administration (Ascenda)

  David Staggs, Veterans Health Administration (SAIC)



  Ed Coyne, Veterans Health Administration (SAIC)


2. Minutes of July 9, 2010 were approved unanimously.


3. General announcements

An announcement from Dee Schur on the OASIS IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee Nominations was discussed.


4.  IHE review of the XUA++ supplement

John Moehrke provided a summary of the XUA++ supplement discussed at the IHE ITI face to face July 12-15.  John reported that the XSPA Profile of SAML was included as a normative standard and the XSPA Profile of XACML was included as an informative standard in the supplement.


The concept of a SAML triplet, similar to the HL7 CE data type, was discussed.  John reported SAML does not have a standard way to represent the triplet but including the data type as an option makes sense.  Mike Davis suggested the triplet could be used as an alternative to the “out of band” approach of agreeing on code systems beforehand.  John suggested working with the SAML TC and not immediately using the HL7 CE data type.


David asked about the possibility of IHE demonstrating the XSPA Profiles at HIMSS.  John explained the process would start at a HIMSS connectathon by IHE members and intended for release as a product. Only then could it be demonstrated at HIMSS in the showcase.  


5. ITU-T presentation

David Staggs provided a report on an XSPA presentation made to the ITU-T Q10 on July 30. ITU members were very receptive to the presentation.


6. Review of updates made to the XSPA Profile of WS-Trust

Duane walked through the profile to gather any additional updates from the TC.

Michael Dufel suggested that a note be added to explain the difference between attributes and claims.  Michael Dufel also asked that the flow diagram be labeled as not part of the normative text.  Mike will provide the language to Duane for inclusion.  The document will be presented to the TC at the next meeting for a vote to committee specification, if appropriate.


7. Creation of a test platform for XSPA

David reported on the continued talks with OASIS on creating a test platform for the validation of XSPA implementations through the exchange of messages to and from an OASIS XSPA resource. 


8. General discussion


Meeting adjourned.




David Staggs, JD, CISSP (SAIC)
Veterans Health Administration
Chief Health Informatics Office
Standards and Interoperability
Office: 858 433 1473


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