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Subject: FW: [amqp-sc] Fwd: Planning the AMQP 2013 Spending Plan

For today's budget review

From: Scott McGrath <scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 11:53:49 -0500
To: "amqp-sc@lists.oasis-open.org" <amqp-sc@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: Cathie Mayo <cathie.mayo@oasis-open.org>
Subject: [amqp-sc] Fwd: Planning the AMQP 2013 Spending Plan

Greetings AMQP-ologists,

Attached are 2 important documents to aid your budget planning.  I need your best estimate of a Spending Plan for 2013 by 1 December.

The September Financial Report includes a list of things you planned to fund for 2012.  And the one thing you did for $1145.

The 2013 preliminary plan allows for up to $47,136 of expenses incurred in 2013.  This will use the allocation and carry-forward from 2012, with no expected allocation from 2013 dues.

I strongly urge all member sections to be very constrained in funding travel.  Any travel funding must be for the benefit and promotion of the entire Member Section.  Do not expect to fund travel to working meetings as part of the standard development.  This is routinely an expense incurred by members directly and using member dues to fund travel for some to attend working meetings creates an imbalance.

Cathie or I,  will work with you on the details, keep us in your meeting plans.

Talk to you soon,


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From: Cathie Mayo <cathie.mayo@oasis-open.org>
Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 5:02 PM
Subject: AMQP Sept12 FS & 2013 Spending Plan
To: Scott McGrath <scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org>

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Attachment: 2013 MS AMQP Spending Plan 2012.10.22.pdf
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Attachment: Sept12 MS AMQP Financial Report 2012.10.16.pdf
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