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Subject: Re: [amqp-ms] AMQP 1.0 Extended Briefing Pack

Hi John,

Thanks for sending this out. These look great and I recognize many from ApacheCon EU. They were well received there.

A couple of comments.  One of the messages that worked well was that although AMQP is for MOM, as mentioned on one slide with the wikipedia entry, it should not be bound into traditional MOM/broker architecture. That's why we introduced the Flexible Topologies slides in the deck (later). So rather than client (sender/receiver) and server (broker) model of traditional MOM architectures  AMQP allows us to create a network of AMQP assets (brokers, routers etc.) that support more flexible topologies.  We think it's important that people explaining AMQP make that point.

Also the Transformer in the demo diagram was actually python based on Apache Qpid/Proton (there was a backup Java transformer). It would be nice if Qpid/Proton got a call out on this diagram as I see other technologies mentioned by name  :)

We also hope to encourage the extension of this demo to include other technologies and products. The demo is very powerful and persuasive. Perhaps an invitation to join the interop demo?



For your review, please find attached an enhanced AMQP 1.0 briefing pack made by combining the excellent work Microsoft, JPMorgan, Red Hat and IIT Software did for ApacheCon with the existing CIO Briefing pack shared a few weeks back.

The deck also has a new "look and feel" derived from the one used at ApacheCon and co-branded AMQP + OASIS.

Please let me know what you think.
When review comments have been applied, I hope to distribute the source PPT file.


On 14 November 2012 09:32, Bryson, Laurie M <laurie.m.bryson@jpmorgan.com> wrote:


·         Update from the Steering Committee

·         2013 Budget / Planning

·         Conferences

o   Debrief from conferences

o   Schedule of new conferences

·         Executive briefing (marketing deck)

·         AOB


If there are any other items which people would like to see added to the agenda then please let me know.


Regards, Laurie

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