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Subject: Element K Reduces Turnaround Time from Weeks to Minutes withXyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher

Element K Reduces Turnaround Time from Weeks to Minutes with XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher

READING, MA - September 18, 2000 - Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise), a leading developer of XML content management and publishing software, announced today that Element K, a leading publisher of training materials for the Information Technology arena, has reached a milestone by publishing more than 250 titles of courseware using XML source data and XyEnterprise's high-speed XML publishing software. Element K is using XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) composition and publishing engine to produce standard and customized educational materials for companies in the Information Technology market such as ExecuTrain, New Horizons, IKON, and Comp USA as well as corporate clients such as MacroMedia, Sprint, Prudential Insurance, and Toyota. XPP composes XML data to high quality output via its automated high-speed publishing capabilities.

With more than 300 new training titles each year averaging 200 pages, Element K utilizes XPP to automate and customize many composition and output functions by applying a set of consistent style sheets to items such as text wraps, graphics and tables. In addition, the system auto-generates the table of contents, index and glossaries while creating output in either Postscript or PDF formats.

"We integrated XML Professional Publisher with our content management and text editing systems, because it offered the most robust, comprehensive electronic publishing functionality available," said Kress Riley, vice president of content development at Element K. "XPP allows us to automate a variety of complex pagination tasks, such as suppressing answers to test questions in the student manual, but letting them show in the instructor's version, while applying a particular client's unique look and feel to the document style. XPP has provided us with incredible power on the backend, enabling a variety of valuable and unique time-saving functions to create high-speed push-button output."

Rob Jones, manager of publishing services at Element K added, "We are moving closer and closer to real time pre-press. With our previous publishing system, it used to take us as much as two weeks to layout a single training course manual. In order to streamline this process, we developed XPP style sheets that enable us to produce training materials, which are customized to reflect a unique look and feel for each of our clients. By using XPP, we have reduced the composition and layout time from weeks to minutes. XPP has enabled us to automate the production of complex documents, and produce both student and teacher versions in multiple languages simultaneously."

Richard Pasewark, vice president of sales and marketing at XyEnterprise commented, "While many companies are now planning to adopt XML-based content management and publishing systems, Element K is already delivering valuable business returns. XyEnterprise remains committed to providing a whole new range of sound business and technology solutions in the XML content management and publishing arenas."

About Element K and Element K Press

With more than 600 information technology and business courses designed exclusively for the Web, Element K offers instructor-led online courses, self-paced tutorials, a comprehensive reference library and dynamic interaction with experts and peers. Element K hosts an online learning environment integrated with a powerful learning management system. Its online learning services include www.elementk.com (formerly ZDU.com), www.training.com and www.learnitonline.com. Visit Element K's online learning solutions at www.elementk.com.

Element K's online offerings are complemented and augmented by its sister company Element K Press (www.elementkpress.com), a leading publisher of information technology courseware. Element K Press also operates the leading IT training center in Rochester, NY. Element K Journals (www.elementkjournals.com) publishes computer-related journals and information products that help individuals become more proficient computer users.

About XyEnterprise

With headquarters in Reading, Mass., Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise), provides organizations of all sizes with content and document management solutions that streamline the information creation and delivery process. XyEnterprise combines its own XML content management, workflow and publishing software with integration services to build enterprise wide solutions for the collaborative creation, management, assembly, and multi-channel distribution of information. Its customer base includes industry-leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, standards and publishing markets. These customers include Boeing, IBM, Gulfstream, Telcordia, Sun Microsystems, Lucent, ASTM, and many others. XyEnterprise is a majority-owned operating company of Azul Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: AZUL), Boulder, Colorado. For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or www.xyenterprise.com.

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Xyvision, XyEnterprise, XPP, Parlance Content Manager, Content@, Content@ XML, and XML Professional Publisher are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions.

Paul Macero
Xyvision Enterprise Solutions
Steve Traugott
Demaree Public Relations

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