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Subject: call for speaker

Title: call for speaker

Dear OASIS members,

The "Power Existing Computing Assets by XML" Seminar is going to hold in Taipei, Taiwan.  It is a two-and-a-half-day seminar and the scheduled dates for the event are proposed in the 3rd week of November, 2000.   Software AG, International reprentative of ISO and W3C, XML experts such as Mark Wilson will particpate in this event as speakers.   Currently we are seeking speakers to present on XML-related technology from eBusiness perspective, experience on XML/EDI would be a plus. Beyond that, Mr. Rick Jelliffe, Australian representative of ISO working group for SGML, participant in the W3C special  interest  group for XML, author of "The XML & SGML COOKBOOK,"  and architect of Schematron will serve as our seminar advisor.

If you are interested in being our distinguished speaker, please kindly reply your availability and concerns about our invitation at your earliest convenience  and provide the following information, so that we can arrange logistics accordingly.  More detailed agenda will be provided soon.

Interested speacker please provide: 

* Speaker's name and complete contact information
* Title and brief abstract of presentation
* Target themes: Technical, Applications, Case Study or Management
* Speaker's brief biography
* Deadline: Please kindly reply before October 6, 2000
* Contact:   Mandy Chen, seminar program manager : mandy@nii.org.tw <mailto:mandy@nii.org.tw>

Seminar information:

*  Date:  14-16 November,2000
*  Venue:  Taipei International Conference Center(TICC), Taipei, Taiwan
*  Audience: This annual event has been designed for IT managers, IT specialist, and developers seeking to discover and  understand XML application in

*  Themes of the seminar:  In this seminar, we'll reserve two slots; one is business-orientedand, the other is technology-oriented.  The procedure of this seminar

               will be presenting from broad scope to specific technical scope.  Please consider your speech in eBusiness point of view. 

* Compensation:  We'll provide round-trip airfare and honorarium, for details please contact program manager.
* No sales pitches will be selected, all presentations should be vendor-neutral

About NII Enterprise Promotion Association (NIIEPA)

Established 4 years ago by Dr. Han-Min Hsia, ex Advisor to the President and ex Minister without Portfolio in charge of SciTech policy, NIIEPA <http://www.nii.org.tw/> is the first non-profit organization in Taiwan to advance National Information infrastructure. NIIEPA serves as think tank for the government in SciTech policy study, as well as the bridge between the public and private sector to facilitate the applications of NII. NIIEPA currently is the Global Partner of CommerceNet <http://www.commerce.net/>, Sponsor of Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) <http://www.oasis-open.org/> and Jurisdictional Member of XBRL.org. <http://www.xbrl.org/> Our achievements include various SciTech policy researches and recommendations on Telecommunications Services Deregulation, Chinese Internet Content Hub, 3C Digital Convergence, and active promotion in Electronic Commerce, XML Registry and Repository and Distance Education.

Currently, our organization--National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association (NIIEPA)  is running a project called XML Registry and Repository (XR2), sponsored by Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs. We'd like to take the advantage of this event to promote and share the power and beauty of XML, in terms of business and technology, for Taiwan's private and public sectors. 

It is our sincere wish that you could deliver presentations in our seminar.  We look forward to your early reply.

Best Regards,

Mandy Chen

I-Jien Chen (Mandy)
Project Manager
CommerceNet Taiwan / NII Enterprise Promotion Association
Tel: +886-2-25082353  ext.108
Fax: +886-2-25073507
Add: 7F, No.317, Song-Chiang Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan
E-mail: <mailto:mandy@nii.org.tw>
CommerceNet Taiwan: http://www.commercenet.org.tw
NIIEPA: http://www.nii.org.tw (Big5)
XML Portal in Taiwan: http://www.xml.org.tw(Big5)

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