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Subject: OASIS Member News: Infoteria Receives Prestigious Nikkei Software's "Editor's Choice" Award

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Company Contact:        Press Contact:
Steve Martin        Dana Erman
Infoteria Corporation        FitzGerald Communications Inc.
(978) 922-4029        (617) 494-9500
smartin@infoteria.com        derman@fitzgerald.com
www.infoteria.com        www.fitzgerald.com

Infoteria Receives Prestigious Nikkei Software's "Editor's Choice" Award
Its XML engine, iPEX, earns highest XML Award of Year

Boston, MA and Tokyo, Japan — October 3, 2000 — Infoteria Corporation, a leading XML software development company, today announced in Tokyo that its high performance XML software engine, iPEX, received the "Editor's Choice Award" from the Nikkei Software Publishing Group.  The Nikkei group of technology publications boasts a readership of 1.9 million for its 14 computer-related publications, making it Asia's most influential technology publisher.  Its prestigious annual "Editor's Choice Award," the most coveted software prize in Asia, is given to the companies that receive the most votes from its entire readership.  The prize has been awarded annually since 1988.

"This prize is the direct outcome of the high fidelity relationships we enjoy with our customers. It makes it almost easy to write value-rich software when the likes of Nortel, Hitachi, NTT or Broadvision are in the room with you as you code.  This award is the Oscars of software and our development team won.  We are thrilled to receive such an accolade!" said Timothy Browne, president and co-CEO of Infoteria.

Nikkei selected Infoteria based on their leadership role in accelerating the XML adoption rate by corporate information systems (IS) departments.  In addition, the company's iPEX product, the industry's most advanced XML technology with the quickest lead time to developers and continued cross platform support (including Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, BeOS and Windows CE), was a key component to the award designation.

IPEX 2.0, the latest version announced last month in Boston at the XML 2000 conference, is the industry's most comprehensive XML development environment that includes a variety of libraries including a XML parser and a XSLT processor.  Since its first release in early 1999, more than 100 companies have adopted iPEX for their B2B solutions.

About Infoteria
Infoteria Corporation is a leading software design and development company focused on building and selling XML-based B2B eCommerce solutions that intelligently and profitably connect buyers and sellers.  The corporation offers a wide range of XML software tools, components and products, as well as the services and training necessary to implement end-to-end XML-based customer solutions.  

Infoteria partners include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Softbank, Toshiba, Hitachi and many others.  It is a member of W3C and OASIS, with development centers in Tokyo and Boston. Additional information can be found on the Web at http://www.infoteria.com and http://www.xml.com.

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