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Subject: Agital Secures Commitment for up to USD $4.6 Million Investment

BOTHELL, Washington, 21 September 2001 -- Agital(TM), Inc., a leading
provider of Data Conditioning Solutions, announced today that it has
secured commitments of up to an aggregate of USD $4.6 million in C-round
funding.  The leading investors for this round are existing stakeholders
Voyager Capital (www.voyagercapital.com) and 2M Technology Group

"While many technology investors are moving away from emerging technology
vendors, our exceptional business team and solid engineering group have
earned the continuing confidence of our Board and our investors," said Kim
Mackay, President and CEO of Agital.  "Today, Agital delivers scalable and
secure XML data conditioning solutions that help global 2000 customers
rapidly design and implement eBusiness integrations.  With the additional
investment we will continue to build on this reality."

"Agital is poised to capitalize on a pressing and immediate market need --
making eBusiness initiatives work the way they were envisioned, in
real-time," said Enrique Godreau III, Agital Chairman and Managing
Director of Voyager Capital.  "The company's compelling XML technology and
innovative approach to mitigating eBusiness integration headaches make
this an attractive investment."

"XML is the language of Web Services.  Agital Data Conditioning Solutions
decrease the complexity of data and application integration for enterprise
IT managers as they implement Web Services," said Steven D. Leeke, 2M
Technology Ventures, L.P. "Agital focuses on fast, flexible, and
easy-to-use integration presenting a great solution and a real-world
approach to business."

The funds form this round are intended to grow the core business and
increase sales and marketing resources, allowing Agital to continue to
provide innovative data conditioning solutions to both horizontal and
vertical markets.

About Agital

Agital helps customers develop Data Conditioning Solutions that improve
the flexibility and profitability of eBusiness initiatives.  By helping
companies to manage data instead of applications, services, or devices -
Agital makes eBusiness work.  For more information or a free product trial
download, visit www.agital.net or call (425) 492-1700.

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