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Subject: SMP and CPP

To follow up the presentations of some time ago,  here is some information on the SML/SMP concept and the ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP) concept.  
Mike's employer developed precursors of CPP/CPA and submitted these concepts to OASIS during the ebXML project.
CPP references below are to the version 2.0 OASIS Standard: http://www.oasis-open.org/specs/#cppav2   
(There is a newer version 3.0 in progress, which has many potentially relevant extensions, but it is still in draft).
First of all similarities:  there is very much overlap: 
party info, services, business processes, messages exchanged,  schemas of those messages, endpoints and protocols supported.
There are some differences
1)  SMP has metadata for a particular document type that a partner can receive, in the context of specific business processes.
A CPP defines which messages a partner can receive or send, in one or more specific business processes, and associated business documents or composites.  
2) In a CPP, the nesting hierachy is PartyInfo > CollaborationRole > ServiceBinding > (CanSend | CanReceive) > Channel > Packaging, Endpoint information etc.    
In SMP the hierarchy seems to be Party > Document > ServiceInformation > Process > Endpoint.
CPP seems to be a bit more service-oriented  (you interact with a service by invoking actions on it), whereas SMP is more resource-oriented (where somehow the resources are documents), but the differences are minor.  It may even be possible to write an XSLT that transforms an SMP to a CPP or the other way round ..
Below is a visual representation of the version 2.0 CollaborationProtocolProfile XML scheme element, and attached is a(n ancient) example CPP.


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