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bpel4people message

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Subject: JIRA Accounts


In order to open issues in JIRA, you need write permission and in order to
do that, you need to have a JIRA account. (Read only access does not
require an account). I'll have to supply the OSOA folks with a list of
names and IDs to create those accounts. So the question has arisen as to
how many people on our TC will want/need accounts.

I've spoken with Mike Edwards and his advice, based on the SCA experience,
is that it works mostly smoothly if the spec editing team (which in our
case includes the issues editor) are the only people with JIRA write
access. Recall that in the SCA process that we adopted last week, raising a
new issue starts with an email sent to the list with the subject ?NEW
ISSUE: [title]?. So the question really is who can/will translate these
emails into a JIRA artifact.

I don't have a strong opinion. I can see the merit in channeling new issues
through the editing team / issues editor. On the other hand, especially
when the TC is new, I can see the merit in having anyone be able to open
issues directly in the tool. Opinions?

In the meantime, so we are up and running by next meeting, I will request
IDs for all members of the editing team - the default ID will be your last
name unless I'm advised to the contrary (and in particular please advise me
if you already have an ID).

Thanks ... Dave.

Regards, Dave Ings,
Emerging Software Standards
Email: ings@ca.ibm.com
Yahoo Messenger: dave_ings

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