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Subject: RE: Let's get to work


Actually the point I am trying to make is that, we need to make sure that
extracting "only" the BTP part of the message is not expensive. It may
actually not be an issue.

How do you see us proceeding in order to make progress on defining the
concrete messages? F2F? Conference Calls?


-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Furniss
To: bt-messaging@lists.oasis-open.org
Sent: 6/6/01 7:29 PM
Subject: RE: Let's get to work

Hatem sent

(pruned to the paragraph I'm asking about)

> 2) With regards to whether or not the BTP message is carried in the
> or the payload, I think we should resolve this issue soon since it
> impact the format of the message. Of course placing the message in the
> payload would be less invasive to the carrier protocol, but it
> would impose
> a heavy processing price if the message is digitally signed.

I don't understand the last part. If BTP is used with application
that are signed, the BTP messages themselves need to be secured to at
the same trust level. An attacker able to fake BTP messages can subvert
authentication of the application, so they would need to be in the same
secured part of the total message.

Or is the point to do with re-processing of payload, but not headers, as
combination is passed along ?

But we do need to sort out the general BTP message : header / payload
relationship anyway.  We're trying to sort out the implications and
arising from the combined message (nee box-carring) decisions. (or
recommendations, from Tuesday's meeting)


Peter Furniss
Technical Director, Choreology Ltd
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direct: +44 20 7670 1783
mobile: 07951 536168
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