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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 24 : The apparent complexity of model is toogreat.

This comment is rather obscure. Since there isn't a section of the document called "Model", it is not clear what kind of things could be changed to address this.  Unlike the other general BEA comments, it was classiified (by Bill Cox) as technical, rather than editorial.
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From: BTP issues maintainer [mailto:peter.furniss@choreology.com]
Sent: 08 November 2001 13:28
To: bt-spec@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 24 : The apparent complexity of model is too great.

This issue has been added to the BTP issue list

BTP Issue 24 : The apparent complexity of model is too great.

Category: technical
Submitter: Bill Cox, (for all BEA members)
Submitter's identification: issue C
The model as described loses much from the complexity of overloading terms and messages. The model might indeed NOT be too complex, but that conclusion cannot be drawn from the draft as written. The specification is less attractive due to the apparent complexity. Simplification in exposition and possible simplification of the model after clarification is important to make BTP well accepted and understood.
Proposed Remedy:
After editorial changes to clarify the model, a review cycle is needed to understand whether the revised document's model as presented is "as simple as possible but no simpler."

To comment on this issue, please follow-up to this announcement on the bt-spec@lists.oasis-open.org (replying to this message should automatically send your message to that list).

The current draft, with line numbers is available in pdf format and word format.

To add a new issue, please email to Peter Furniss peter.furniss@choreology.com. It helps if you propose a category (technical, minor technical, editorial, minor editorial).

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