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Subject: deployment plan structure -- doodle and questions

Hi All-

Tuesday's call clarified a lot for me. Thanks Gil and all. I am liking the general shape.

I've set up another Doodle poll for a time to continue discussing PDP:


I've also listed the main outstanding questions as I see them, below. I'll follow up with detail / my thinking for some of them.




(1) handling dependencies: implicit requirements on typed containers, or typed requirements, or mixins
(2) how to express component specifications (abstract, interfaces, etc)
(3) how to handle parameters and references
(4) what does POST take (CAMP-3 / CAMP-65 -- ie multi-part etc)


(5) where to put deployment plan metadata: top-level tags or a separate section (6) key name: "specifications" or "components" or "resources" or something else? (7) allow specifications to be a map where "id" is provided as a key (for readability and referenceability) ?


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