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Subject: RE: [camp] Are items in collection Web resources?

The short answer to this is yes, the component should point back to the assembly not the collection and the Uri of the assembly in the collection should be assumed to have its own separate existence.  And incidentally (probably as an extension at this stage) it is useful to maintain all such back-links so you can travers the API in all directions.

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Sent: 16 March 2017 16:55
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Subject: [camp] Are items in collection Web resources?

We have collection resources and all the items in the collection are inlined in the collection resource.

But each item in the collection is also a CAMP resource and has its own unique URI. May be I missed it in the spec, but I did not see anything in the spec that says that one can use the URI of the item (assuming it is an HTTP URL) to access (GET) it directly. Is it supposed to have its own separate existence?

This is not an idle question. While working on the UML diagrams I noticed that a component points back to an assembly collection. 
Shouldn't it point to a specific assembly in the assembly collection?



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