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Subject: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] Reminder: Telecon Wednesday Sep 21

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: "Cruikshank, David W" <david.w.cruikshank@boeing.com>
Date:  Mon, 19 Sep 2005 15:04:02 -0700

>If you don't respond, I'll assume you'll be there.  So far, regrets from
>Please review comments submitted so far for the 2nd CD 

I have a couple more messages to send, to facilitate processing Dieter's comments.  But my network connection broke down late today.  I'll try again in the morning.  


and complete your
>review assignments.
> <<Telecon_agenda_20050921.doc>> 
>Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
>Boeing Commercial Airplane
>206.544.8876, fax 206.544.9590

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