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Subject: Overview & Ch.1 comments

Thanks Andrew...

At 02:41 PM 9/21/2005 +0100, TD2d3 wrote:
I have found no grammatical errors in the Overview, Chap 1 Introduction and
Appendix, other than my name spelt with an 'e' in Acknowledgements

Oops, fixed.  Sorry,

and as
Dieter said -insert space before 'WebCGM' in 1.5.
Required additions to the Glossary:


Anyone have a good definition of API (e.g., from a computerese dictionary)?


Meaning Technical Committee, right?  Question:  if the abbreviation TC is expanded in the glossary as "Technical Committee", does that latter need to be defined?  Or were you just suggesting to give the expansion of the abbreviation TC?

Or... should we just expand it at it at it's six occurrences in the cover pages, and forget about it in the glossary (it appears nowhere else in the document, as far as I can tell).  I think I favor this, as TC isn't really a term relating to the technical content of WebCGM.


That's actually in the glossary.  The glossary needs to be put into alphabetical order, which I'll note.

By the way, the final text will observe one of the W3C Accessibility requirements -- in the XHTML version, all occurrences of abbreviations and acronyms will be marked up with <abbr> or <acronym>.


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