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cgmo-webcgm message

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Subject: status/scorecard of CL comments


I mostly put this together for my own reference -- at a glance status of 
all of CL's comments.  You might find it helpful.  Also, does anyone 
disagree about any of the statuses?

CL-c1:  Resolved  (related:  c1, c3, c4, d1)
CL-c2:  Resolved or partially open?  (related:  c2, c7, d10).  [Partially 
open? are Chris's a,b,c cases now all defined?]
CL-c3:  Resolved/no issue.  (related:  c1, c3, c4, d1)
CL-c4:  Resolved/no issue.  (But clarify w/ CL).  (related:  c1, c3, c4, d1)
CL-c5:  No issue.  (related:  c5, d8)
CL-c6:  No issue?  (but clarify w/ CL).
CL-c7:  Resolved.  (related:  c2, c7, d10)
CL-c8:  Open.  Need to talk to CL.
CL-c9:  Editorial/no issue.
CL-c10:  Open.  Unclear about CDF part -- BB is researching.

CL-d1 part 1:  Editorial (proper unicode referencing) (related:  c1, c3, 
c4, d1)
CL-d1 part 2:  Open, potentially substantive -- rsch CharMod & WebCGM.
CL-d2:  Editorial/no issue.
CL-d3:  Open, bigger issue about Drawing Model.
CL-d4:  Editorial/no issue.  (But see d3).
CL-d5:  Open, not yet discussed.  (related:  d5, d6)
CL-d6:  Open, not yet discussed.  (related:  d5, d6)
CL-d7:  Editorial/no issue.
CL-d8:  Not discussed.  Apparently editorial.  (But clarify w/ 
CL.)  (related:  c5, d8)
CL-d9:  Editorial/no issue.
CL-d10:  Resolved.  (related:  c1, c3, c4, d1) 

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