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Subject: Ideas about issue CL-c10

On the call today... I agreed to take an action item to look into this
a bit deeper.

I suspect that Chris doesn't like our wording because is it specific
to HTML frames (4.01)... where the W3C CDF (Compound Document Formats)
specified that compound documents must either i) use mixed
namespace XML (not possible for us since we are a binary format) or
ii) using the <object> tag.

However, our linking sections never talk about <object>.
Section says:
HTML-to-CGM: 'target' attribute of a element [ref]; not applicable
(n/a) for object element.

Chris would probably argue that this is wrong and that it needs to
work with the <object> tag.

As I said, the WebCGM 2.0 spec relies heavily on references to HTML
4.01, the SVG 1.2 spec does not. Our definition only talks about
frame, we don't mention iframe, pane, or <object> etc...

Here's the current SVG 1.2 wording:


target = '_replace' | '_self' | '_parent' | '_top' | '_blank' |

This attribute should be used when there are multiple possible targets
for the ending resource, such as when the parent document is a
multi-frame HTML or XHTML document. This attribute specifies the name
or portion of the target window, frame, pane, tab, or other relevant
presentation context (e.g., an HTML or XHTML frame, iframe, or object
element) into which a document is to be opened when the link is
activated. The values and semantics of this attribute are the same as
the WebCGM Picture Behavior values [WebCGM]:


 Specifies the name of the frame, pane, or other relevant presentation
 context for display of the linked content. If this already exists, it
 is re-used, replacing the existing content. if it does not exist, it
 is created (the same as _blank, except that it now has a name). Note
 that frame-target must be an XML Name [XML11].    

Note: The value _new is not a legal value for target (use _blank).

 Benoit   mailto:benoit@itedo.com

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