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Subject: RE: [chairs] Response from Kavi re training

I'm planning to attend via Genesys, and encourage others to do so. I've been
on the Genesys system with over 30 people and it really helped keep the
meeting in motion.

If you have not yet done the "screen test," you can't resolve these issues
at the last minute. We still would get people calling in from the road or
without access to a computer, so we had to pay attention to circulating
documents in advance so they could follow along.

Note to File: Open the online meeting at least a half hour before start time
to deal with inevitable last minute hiccups and busy folks who get grouchy
when things don't work seamlessly. It's a waste of everyone else's time to
start the meeting late to accommodate these issues. They should have a
Genesys help line phone number handy to help them through after the meeting

We have guided grumpy lawyers through experiments with virtual meetings in
the American Bar Association (and associated legal groups) using Genesys,
WebEx, Placeware and Latitude's Meeting Place.  They are a new medium and
can be a pain in the neck the first time around, but well worth the extra
effort to take advantage of adding live visual data to a virtual meeting.

All of these vendors have bent over backwards to get converts from new
groups.  So just lean hard -- in advance -- on the web conferencing
technical folks to provide support.

Looking forward to meeting everyone virtually....

Jim Keane
Co-Chair, OdrXML
Vice-Chair LegalXML Member Section

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Kenton [mailto:jkenton@datapower.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 8:46 AM
To: Chris Higgins
Cc: chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [chairs] Response from Kavi re training

Chris Higgins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Chris Higgins, a Project Manager at Kavi, and Karl has forwarded me
> of the issues you've encountered with the Genesys system today.  There are
> some common issues raised so I'll try to hit the major categories.
> Q.  This platform restriction is ridiculous.  Does this mean Kavi's
> is restricted to a Wintel platform?
> A.  I agree, it's ridiculous.  Kavi's software is completely
> platform-neutral

That's the good news.

> Unfortunately, we don't make web conferencing software. :)

That's the bad news.

> Q.  Is there any value in attending the session voice-only, or web
> conference-only?
> A.  Not much.  I think this would be more frustrating than enlightening.

I hope you have very clear and detailed documentation available.  It doesn't
look like many of us will be able to attend the training sessions.

Jeff Kenton
DataPower Technology, Inc.

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