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Subject: Quorum required for good standing; was RE: [chairs] Info for chairsetup of Kavi TC areas

I agree completely with this. This one of the two changes I was going to
propose to the TC process. I had wanted to look up what Robert's says. Thank
you Jon.

I have been in several TC where we would NEVER have achieved quorum if we
had not been ignorant of and not followed this rule. Every TC I have been
has a certain number of no shows and if you can't get rid of them w/o quorum
you are stuck.

I think the OASIS process, regularly scheduled meetings, open archives and
minutes, ability of 10% of membership to veto a Standard, has adequate
safeguards to keep a small group from hijacking a TC.


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> Subject: Re: [chairs] Info for chair setup of Kavi TC areas
> | Yes, as I said above. A person will sign up for the TC, be made a
> | prospective member and assigned an Observer role, then converted
> | to Member after 60 days or three meetings. (This is another reason
> | that you need to keep track of meeting attendance. Only meetings
> | that achieve quorum count as valid meetings, and the number of
> | valid meetings is used to calculate the three meeting rule.)
> I don't think this is correct.  Good standing is (or should be)
> based on good-faith attempts to attend meetings.  Attendance at
> regularly scheduled meetings that fail to achieve a quorum should
> count for this.
> Robert's says:
>    ... if a quorum fails to appear at a regular or properly called
>    meeting, the inability to transact business does not detract
>    from the fact that the society's rules requiring the meeting to
>    be held were complied with and the meeting was convened ...
>    (pp. 341-342)
> I think this applies to both the three-meeting rule for
> prospective members and the two-out-of-three meetings rule for
> members in good standing.
> Jon
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