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Subject: RE: [chairs] initial review of OASIS TC Process changes


Just some quick feedback - overall I like what I see - alot of sensible
changes IMHO.

Fine-tuning - I'd prefer that people who are no-shows at the first
TC meeting - get a second chance to show up before they
are dumped.  Rational - its tough to get a "good" slot when peoples
schedules / time-zones work best - and for people to just set that
time solidly aside in their schedules.  Once the TC is 'live' people
focus more - and if they know they have to make that next meeting,
it will definately help.  Second chance then you're out.

The 'public' review of TC proposals - I'm thinking this needs to
be a two step - first step is a sanity check by OASIS to make
sure it conforms to the new rules - text wise - and then a 
members-only - proposed TC review area in Kavi - and then 
a 15 day feedback - and then maybe a sign-off from the TC chairs?
Just brainstorming some ideas on how this works best.

Percentage of membership to pass a standard.  Is 20% too high?
I'd suggest 15% as a first mark - with a view to going to 20% next
if 15% has no negative impact.  I'm just concerned that apathy
is rampant - and we need ways to remind people to vote - and
to make it quick and easy ( I just used the Kavi voting on the
London RSVP - and its about as easy as it gets - so check that
box - but its just getting people into good habits...).   We may also
want to grade things - I like the way the W3C calls for votes work,
so you can vote for something thru clenched teeth if there are
things that are grating you about the spec's!


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