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Subject: Kavi - those Email Address Blues


FYI - changing a members email address is problematic at best.

I'm trying to get all listserver subscribes switched over
to my new email address.

You can go into Kavi and change your account profile,
and that works.

Unfortunately only some of the listservers (this one 
paradoxically!) are managed by Kavi.

I've tried unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the
main TC list - and no dice - I was re-subscribed with 
my old address.

Before Kavi there was a Perl script that allowed you to
change your address.  I hunted out that URL - and tried
it - but its now setup to point only at some of the 
OASIS news lists.

My conclusion is that - because the TC listservers are 
separate from Kavi - the automatic update does not reach 
them - and there is no easy way switch the TC address.

Hopefully OASIS can fix this situation soon!

Thanks, DW.

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