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Subject: Re: [chairs] updates Kavi status


That reminds me of a general outstanding issue: The current Kavi default 
settings seem to conflict with the strong OASIS preference for openness 
and visibility.


Could the "share" options both be selected by default?  Even better, 
could the ability to make documents hidden or private to a TC be removed?


On 18-Sep-03 12:05, Pete Wenzel wrote:

> I'm not certain that solution will work....  People without an OASIS
> login are not able to chase links that terminate in the TC Member
> section (the one with "workgroup" in the URL).  The "Share With
> General Public" option must be selected for each document, in which
> case it automatically appears in the flat list on the TC's public
> homepage (which has "committees" in the URL) that Norman is taking
> issue with.
> You might, however, be able to place a link to such an HTML index file
> on the TC's public homepage, and hope that people use that, rather
> than the "Documents" link, to make sense of your public document
> collection.
> --Pete
> Thus spoke David RR Webber (david@drrw.info) on Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 02:35:33PM -0400:
>>A work around might be to post a HTML document that exposes that - as the only 
>>public document - called something like : Access Public Documents.html
>>It then contains the links to the folders as you need.  And then when you 
>>upload documents to Kavi you just do not broadcast that - only when you upload 
>>the new 'Access Public Documents.html'.
>>Worth a try?
>>Quoting Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>:
>>>Hash: SHA1
>>>/ "Karl F. Best" <karl.best@oasis-open.org> was heard to say:
>>>| As far as I am aware, we have fixed all of the problems that came as a
>>>| result of implementing the security changes. All of the tools should
>>>| be functioning correctly. Of course there are still some issues
>>>| requiring some updates and enhancements, and we'll continue to address
>>>| those.
>>>I notice with disappointment that the documents list associated with
>>>the DocBook TC is still effectively useless to the general public. How
>>>can this issue be made a higher priority?
>>>I find it totally unacceptable that I have no public place at OASIS
>>>where I can easily publish meeting minutes, drafts, etc. Having gone
>>>to the trouble of building a nicely structured, hierarchical set of
>>>folders in the admin area for my TC only to have it reduced to a flat
>>>list of "10 of 43" documents in the public area makes me very
>>>reluctant to attempt to do anything within the Kavi framework.
>>>                                        Be seeing you,
>>>                                          norm
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