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Subject: RE: [chairs] need your comments on DocMgmt system requirements

I note the debate on XML.

The PLCS TC uses an opensource standards development environment based on XML source and XSL scripts to develop suites of compatible information modules and other deliverables, such as user guidance, in ISO and other formats.  This should easily be able to handle small documents of 400 pages.

We use a CVS repository on sourceforge to manage the XML components, and the XSL scripts.  Each document is assembled from a number of components, covering the actual content - text and data models, ISO boilerplate, etc and automatically generates the links to matching documents.  These are extracted into HTML for ISO publication - either as a package of linked documents, or as individual documents.

While this takes a fair amount of investment to set up, it is worthwhile for a group preparing a large number of similar documents.  It imposes a degree of rigour in format, and has saved over 30% of the time required to produce ISO documents.

One of our early requests to Karl was to be able to host this on the OASIS site.

I can supply more information if there is interest.

Howard Mason

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