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Subject: Re: [chairs] OASIS IRC

    Doug, if I recall correctly, you wrote this.  (Matt did create a similar, queuing-only widget last year, as well.)  Seems like a handy device, and obviously the minor amount of persistence is helpful.  Assuming that it proves feasible -- which is a matter I leave to our tech staff --  is that code that you would be willing to let OASIS run?  And is there any obvious reason (from the external viewpoint) why we couldn't?  As opposed to hosting on what I assume is a personally owned branch of some TUCOWS node.   The latter is the sort of thing that our rules encourage us to replace with persistent OASIS resources.   Regards  Jamie

At 09:32 AM 9/26/2005, Doug Davis wrote:
FYI - that chat that Paul is talking about is located at:  http://soaphub.homeip.net/conf
Rooms are created as needed by simply giving a name on the main page.
Look under the help/? button to see its features - biggest reason we're using this over other things is because
1 - it doesn't require a special client
2 - works thru firewalls
3 - allows you to see that conversation that happens even when your disconnected due to bad networks
4 - manages a 'queue'

Paul Fremantle <paul@wso2.com>
09/22/2005 04:11 PM

One of our TC members has written a chat application that we have been using in the absence of IRC. It works over port 80 via a web page. It has a queue management feature to help manage a "speakers queue". Its very neat.

Matt MacKenzie wrote:
It would be interesting if OASIS could configure their IRC server to allow connections on port 80.  Many of us are behind restrictive firewalls with few ways to get through other than port 80.  mIRC can proxy via a http proxy, but that disables most features of IRC beyond barebones chat.

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