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Subject: Re: [chairs] TC FAQ Template


| a) spam in the comment list archives may suggest to a casual
|    reader that the comment form facility is broken, or otherwise
|    unsiutable as a mean of getting an answer to a question

Virtually all of the comments received on the UBL comment list are
spam.  We were promised a fix to this months ago.  (I can't
imagine what that fix could be, but that's what we were promised.)

| Within OASIS Staff, I am now trying to create consensus around the
| position that OASIS should support archived, two-way communication
| (discussion, dialogue) between the TCs and the public.

If that creates the expectation that we're going to have time to
answer questions, a lot of people are going to be disappointed.
We refer questions about UBL to the ubl-dev list and let the user
community handle them as they will.

If there's a standards organization in existence that commits to
answering users' questions in addition to their technical work,
I'd like to know about it.


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