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Subject: report on grumblings from some TCs

Hi Folks,

Since I span several TCs, SCs and do the chair or co-chair honors on 
a couple, while restricting myself to regular voting membership on 
others, I wanted to report that I am hearing, and personally noticing 
some slight dissatisfaction in the timeliness of moving specs into 
60-day public review and/or 15-day pubblic review. I suspect that 
part of this is that the implementation of the new TC process has 
started occurring at the same time that a more than usual number of 
specs are moving into these phases, thus creating an unanticipated 
backlog. Also, because many of the members in the different TCs that 
I participate in, don't participate in many, if any, other TCs, they 
don't see these extenuating circumstances.

Also, IT spending is going up again, so the rush to market is heating 
up again, and we get antsy vendors needing to get their standards in 
place or at least to a point where they know that a given standard is 
not likely to change much before it gets to ratification. So, I 
wanted to let those who monitor this list know that I am hearing 
grumbling, and in a couple of instances, feeling a bit grumbly myself.

Once you've babied a few specs along, and you get to the point where 
you really, really want to get that mother's milk of feedback, even 
the kind that sends you through the roof for a moment or three, you 
just naturally start running out patience. In my case, of course, I 
start from a position of having none to start with, it puts me in an 
immediate state of negative patience. ;-)

I am kidding a little, obviously, but any effort to move these specs 
along will be appreciated.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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