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Subject: OASIS IPR policy revision - who will blink first?

Thanks to Jamie for raising this on to the agenda again.
So far only 4 TCs have converted to the new IPR policy.  That leaves the remaining 95% of us still wondering.
I recall from back last year that the OSI and OASIS were supposed to be in active talks to resolve the issues surrounding the use of OSI licenses and OASIS IPR policy.
To date I've seen absolutely zero progress happening on this.  Can we ask - has there even been a meeting - or an attempt to ask OSI for a meeting - or even informal dialogue about how a meeting might happen?
This is a total roadblock for all TCs that have public open source implementations / and / or open public licensing and use of their XML artifacts.
The way things stand you cannot adopt the OASIS IPR if you want people to be able to apply for and be granted OSI license awards for their implementations.
Since open source of some form or other appears to be de rigor for the marketplace - e.g. IBM already has numerous open source work - Eclipse, Cloudscape and more; Microsoft Installer is now open source; Sun has long embraced it; and Oracle is moving there with Raptor and releasing a partly open SQL product to compete with mySQL.
And of course the real underlying current is the problem created when the USPTO was turned into a for-profit-center that triggered the patent explosion (are you reading this on your Blackberry perchance?).
Given all that - my assessment is the OASIS Board needs to urgently review their IPR policy if they expect TCs to be able to function beyond 2007 April. 
IMHO - this is *not* our problem - the board created this problem - and they need to fix it.

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