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Subject: Re: [chairs] Biographic data schemas

 From OASIS: CIQ TC (Customer Information Quality)

includes Name and Address specification.

Also HumanMarkup TC will be re-engaging the effort to gather, list 
and incorporate all such identity schemata, particularly with regard 
to healthcare and emergency management domains.

HR-XML Organization 

includes Person Name, Postal Address

DOJ: Global Justice XML Data Model and Standards:

 From there on it gets messier and messier. In HumanMarkup we plan to 
provide a service for choosing the most appropriate standard per 
domain, usage, jurisdiction, etc. Trying to do one-size-fits-all is 
train-wreck in progress. Fortunately, Microsoft pulled Passport back 
within MSN so the Liberty Alliance and various web services security, 
policy, infrastructure, etc can proceed to codify the working nuts 
and bolts, but this is a minefield even with that.


At 6:57 PM +0100 5/30/06, Tilton, Cathy wrote:
>TC Chairs -
>I am chairing the new TC on Biometric Identity Assurance Services (BIAS)
>Integration.  One aspect of our work includes defining an XML schema for
>biographic information (name, address, etc.).  Rather than re-invent
>this, we'd like to consider existing schemas for this purpose.  If you
>are aware of any such schemas (perhaps from the world of HR, justice, or
>another domain), could you please let us know about them?
>Thank you so much for your help.
>Cathy Tilton
>Chair, BIAS Integration TC
>Catherine J. Tilton
>VP, Standards & Emerging Technologies
>11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1400
>Reston, VA  20190
>Fax: 703-984-4099
>Cell: 703-472-5546

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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