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Subject: Proposal CMIS TC issue process



I overheard the discussion during today’s TC about the issue process. I was in a very noisy environment so I didn’t had a chance to speak up without letting everybody enjoy all the background noise.


Personally I feel that Dennis is quite right about issues not defaulting into a resolved state without the TC actually discussing it – only if it’s just talking about it for a very short while.


So as a contribution to the discussion, I looking over some materials from another TC I’m participating in (BPEL4PEOPLE) and borrowed some texts from them, incorporated the guidelines from the CMIS TC as posted by Al, as a proposal for the issue process. This is somewhat heavier than the current proposed guidelines, but works quite well and keeps things organized.


I’m not suggesting we should use all of it, but it seems like a good issue process flow to me; maybe we can tailor it to this TCs needs.




Gershon Janssen





Proposal CMIS TC issue process.doc

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