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Subject: Namespace proposal and complex properties with lists

Hi all,

Reading the namespace proposal, I feel it could allow for interesting  
complex properties with the following small modification. I would like  
to allow full-digits intermediate "prefixes", in order to have  
properties named like:


This would allow exposing complex properties that contain lists of  

It would only require changing the spec a bit to state that a non- 
initial prefix may be a non-negative integer as well as a SQL-92  
(Also for interoperability for clients/servers that want to interpret  
them as actual lists, it would be good to standardize that lists start  
at 0.)

This sidesteps the problem of having these properties actually  
available in object types, so this proposal is purely syntactic and  
for future extensibility, but I think that it makes sense.

What do you think?


Florent Guillaume, Head of R&D, Nuxeo
Open Source, Java EE based, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
http://www.nuxeo.com   http://www.nuxeo.org   +33 1 40 33 79 87

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