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Subject: RE: [cmis] Namespace proposal and complex properties with lists

I'd like to make sure that I'm understanding the current namespaces
proposal correctly.  The proposal has two main parts:

1.  Allow names (typeId and queryName for types and name for properties)
to have prefixes
2.  Define a new attribute for both types and properties called

The point of #1 is to scope names WITHIN a single repository allowing,
for example, one type to have a property called foo that is distinct
from a different type having a property called foo; the former could be
defined as type1:foo and the latter type2:foo.  These prefixes do
nothing to ensure uniqueness of property or type names across
repositories because there is absolutely nothing to say that two
repositories cannot both define a type1:foo.  Sound right? 

Of course, the globallyUniqueName is for just that - uniqueness across
repositories.  But then we have to do a bit more specifying.  For
example, how are properties to be identified in resource representations
- via "name" or via "globallyUniqueName"?


Cornelia Davis
Senior Technologist
EMC Corporation, Office of the CTO
p: 805.560.9039
m: 805.452.8941
f: 805.880.0390

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