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Subject: RE: [codelist] A formal comment received by the CLRTC

At 2006-10-31 09:55 +0000, Paul Spencer wrote:
>I would suggest something in between. Ken's reply was very good,

Actually, that wasn't a reply, that was meant for 
committee discussion.  My reply would have been 
essentially "thanks for the input but the issues 
are out of scope" followed by, perhaps, one line 
for each issue, and refer to our charter.  I 
spelled it out in discussion to see if anyone 
else felt as I did on reading his note.

>but perhaps had too much detail when, as Tony 
>says, most of David's points did not really apply to the work of this TC.

I totally agree ... but I'm trying to spark 
discussion and spelled out my thoughts.

>I am sure we all know David, and realise that 
>his comments are always well thought out and 
>that he will not let go of an issue unless it is 
>resolved to his satisfaction. I would suggest 
>cutting down Ken's response slightly to explain 
>our scope, why that means many of David's 
>comments do not apply and say that we will take 
>his comments into account where applicable.
>This comment of David's intrigued me:
>"d) Have separate optional sections for logical parts of the content - so
>the processing codes themselves are not mixed up with human readable
>descriptions, documentation and such.  Provide means to make these
>externally referenced to encourage use of registry services instead of
>a single "kitchen sink" XML approach."
>Ignoring the first bit as not being relevant to 
>us, what is required to get the best use out of 
>a registry, say the ebXML regrep? Should we be 
>looking at a granularity of access below the 
>complete list? Perhaps we have missed a 
>requirement here, but I do not have enough 
>experience of using registry services to be sure.

I believe Tony touched on this at the last call 
when he mentioned that genericode provides for 
being able to point to other genericode files ... 
if the registry had a genericode representation 
of its codes, a user can point to that from a genericode file.

Tony, I'm reviewing the requirements to see where 
this referencing is covered ... can you cite where this is being addressed?


. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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