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Subject: Re: [codelist] Dissenting argument on namespace URI

I personally would prefer that the genericode namespace URI is a URL, not  
a URN, so that we can have a RDDL document at the location specified by  
the namespace URL.  However, I want to stress that this is only for the  
genericode namespace itself, it should not (in my opinion) be construed as  
a suggestion that code lists should have URLs as namespace URIs.  Some  
will, but in designing genericode I specifically tried to separate the  
concept of canonical URIs from location URIs, so that it was easy to have  
URNs for canonical URIs, and URLs for location URIs, without any tension  
forcing you to use the same kind of URI for both.

Cheers, Tony.
Anthony B. Coates
Senior Partner
Miley Watts LLP
Experts In Data
+44 (79) 0543 9026
Data standards participant: ISO 20022 (ISO 15022 XML), ISO 19312,  

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