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Subject: Link to request we publish a CSD and put it out for public review

Thomas, thanks again for calling me to report the committee's actions today. You saved us a lot of back and forth emails.Â

Members of the CSAF TC, Thomas told me that today you approved a new working draft for CSAF v2.0 with the wish to send it out for public review.Â

Therefore, I closed the existing ticketÂhttps://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TCADMIN-4170 with no action. When you are ready, please assign us the task of publishing the new CSD and starting the public review usingÂhttps://www.oasis-open.org/project-administration-support-requests/form-request-a-second-or-subsequent-public-review/

Note that the rules only require 15 days for the second public review but you may ask that it run longer. So if you want to put this out for a 30 day review, you certainly have that option.Â

Thanks & let me know if you have any questions.Â




Chief Technical Community Steward


+1 201-341-1393

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